Google Reviews

Do you need to increase your Google or Facebook Reviews?
Did you know that the more “quality” reviews you receive on Google the higher your website ranks in Google? 
Getting you more customers. Customers look online at how many reviews and what your ranking is before doing business with companies. We can help get your customers to fill out reviews with one easy step.
Here’s how it works: 
When your customer finishes their purchase with your sales person, the salesperson asks if they can send them a text to fill out their review, that it takes less than a minute, just a click of a button. From an app on your salespersons smart phone or link on your computer or tablet the salesperson enters your customers phone number and hits send. The text is sent to the client and your business comes up with the 5 stars to rank your business and a section to write their review. Quick and begging your customers to go in and leave their reviews, just a simple click of a button! This increases your reviews and potential customers!  We can also send them directly to your Facebook Review Page if you prefer. 

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